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Sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl), also called "hypo" or "bleach", is a large-volume commodity chemical product used by consumers (as laundry bleach, swimming pool chemical, disinfectant cleaner), potable (drinking) water treatment plants (to disinfect the water), waste water treatment plants, and industrial concerns.


The "traditional method" of manufacturing bleach, employed by large chemical companies, is to react chlorine gas with sodium hydroxide (caustic), producing bleach. It involves handling of very large quantities (rail cars) of the highly toxic liquefied chlorine gas and highly corrosive sodium hydroxide.


The chlorine and sodium hydroxide -- the two raw materials used in the "traditional method" to make bleach -- are manufactured using "electrolytic technology". This technology involves dissolving of sodium chloride (rock salt, or table salt) in water and, with significant amounts of electricity, separating the sodium atom and the chloride atom in an electrolytic cell. The sodium and chloride atoms are then processed separately to make the commercial chlorine and sodium hydroxide (NaOH) products that are ultimately used in the “traditional method” of making bleach.

The process that BleachTech employs involves using the above-mentioned “electrolytic technology” to separate the sodium and chloride atoms and then, seconds later and in a closed system, react them back together to make bleach. The process itself utilizes inert salt instead of toxic elemental chlorine as a feedstock and produces a more-pure, higher-quality product than the "traditional" method. Since only about 25 lbs of chlorine will be present in the plant at any point in time (in the pipes and tanks under low pressure – less than 3 psi), the BleachTech plant is inherently safer and does not represent a threat to the surrounding community. In addition, since the fluids handled by BleachTech are all water-based (and do not contain any combustible material), there is very low fire hazard associated with our process.

Read why bleach is the safer choice.

Bleach is Safer

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